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Criminal Defence Lawyer in Kelowna

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Criminal Defence With Gordon & Company

Have you been charged with or arrested for a crime and don’t know where to turn? Have you been given a ticket under the Motor Vehicle Act for anything which may result in the loss of your driver’s licence, the impoundment of your vehicle, the “piling on” by ICBC and/or by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles of demerit, penalty premium and other surcharges, fines and restrictions on your ability to drive, to work and feed your family? 


If you’re looking for a criminal lawyer who can help you with criminal charges and even with Motor Vehicle Act allegations, Gordon & Company is in your corner. Joe Gordon has many years of experience as a successful criminal defence lawyer in two provinces. He will vigorously and skillfully defend you, dealing with the police and the Crown on your behalf. Joe is extremely familiar with the courts, the Crown and the criminal justice system and has represented clients in many criminal and other trials. His knowledge, skill, and aggressive pursuit of your best interests are what you need when facing criminal charges or Motor Vehicle Act allegations of any kind. To get more information, get in touch.

Criminal Defence Services at Gordon & Company

Some of the criminal defence services provided by Gordon & Company in Kelowna and the surrounding areas are:


  • Murder, Manslaughter, Criminal Negligence Causing Death

  • Assault, Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Aggravated Assault

  • Spousal assault and “K” Files

  • Theft

  • Dangerous driving

  • Narcotics/drugs

  • Fraud

  • Weapons

  • Impaired driving – care and control, over .08, causing death

Motor Vehicle Act Defence Services

Some of the Motor Vehicle Act allegations Gordon and Company can assist you with in Kelowna and surrounding areas are:

  • 12 hour driving prohibitions, 24 hour driving prohibitions for alcohol or drugs, and 90 Day “IRPs” (Immediate Roadside Prohibitions)
  • 90 Day “ADPs” (Administrative Driving Prohibitions) when criminal charges of impaired driving or impaired care and control under the Criminal Code are in play
  • Notices of Intention to Prohibit one from Driving pursuant to s. 93 of the Motor Vehicle Act from the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles under the Motor Vehicle Act
  • Appeals to the Supreme Court pursuant to s. 94 of the Motor Vehicle Act and/or Petitions to the Supreme Court under the Judicial Review Procedure Act involving driving privileges

Murder Defence Lawyer Services

Murder and attempted murder are grave offences, where a person is accused of attempting or intending to take away someone’s life. Murder cases attract the most extensive police resources, zealous prosecution, and the severest penalties known to law. In cases of attempted murder, the accused’s intentions are of primary importance in the court proceedings, i.e., whether or not the intention was to murder. The offences include:

  • Murder
  • First-degree murder
  • Second-degree murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Attempted murder
  • Accessory after the fact to murder

Regardless of whether the verdict is first degree or second degree, the penalty is life. The difference is in the period of time that must be served before the convicted offender is eligible for supervised release on parole. For first-degree murder, the minimum is 25 years but is often longer, while for second-degree murder, the minimum is 10 years but is often longer. For manslaughter, there is no minimum penalty and no minimum period of parole ineligibility. If you are facing charges of murder or attempted murder, speak with our experienced criminal defence lawyer, Joe Gordon.


Spousal Assault & Domestic Abuse Defence Lawyer in Kelowna

If you’ve been accused of assault or uttering threats by your spouse or partner, you may need the services of a criminal defence lawyer. These accusations come from a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, partner or spouse. The types of charges in these situations include:

  • Assault causing bodily harm
  • Assault with a weapon
  • Aggravated assault
  • among others...

A charge of this kind generally begins with the alleged victim making a call to the police after which the person complained of is detained and released, if at all, on strict no-contact terms pursuant to the “K-File” policy of the Attorney-General which mandates how the police deal with you and requires the Crown and the Courts to speed up the prosecution and not to drop the charges lightly – much less merely because the alleged victim wants the Crown not to proceed. It is essential that you get immediate legal advice. Should you be released temporarily, you won’t be allowed back in your home or near either the person who made the complaint or any children who might be involved unless you apply to a Judge to vary or cancel the no-contact terms before your matter is tried or otherwise disposed of. You will also find the Ministry of Children and Families become involved. Gordon & Company advises clients to get the aid of a criminal lawyer and in many cases, a family lawyer, at an early stage. Those found guilty can be imprisoned for up to 14 years, not to mention having to deal with a criminal record which can heavily restrict your employment and travel.  Joe Gordon is both a criminal lawyer and a family lawyer.


Fraud & Theft Defence Lawyer

In simple terms, theft refers to unlawfully taking someone’s property. For instance, you might be accused of stealing someone’s vehicle or shoplifting. In Canada, the proceedings are determined by whether the value of the item(s) in question is lesser or greater than $5,000. Additionally, a variety of important factors are taken into account, such as whether the item(s) were stolen from an employer, which elevates the crime to a more serious one. Another factor that might be considered is whether a breach of trust took place, for example, when an accountant or bookkeeper or other professional steals from their clients.


For thefts under $5,000, the court might sentence you to up to 2 years in jail or impose a fine. The thefts that involve more than $5,000, can result in imprisonment for  up to 14 years, especially when other aggravating circumstances like theft from an employer are involved.


Reach out to Joe today for criminal lawyer services and receive a confidential legal opinion regarding your case.

Are You Facing Criminal Charges?

Consult Joe Gordon, an experienced criminal defence lawyer to know your rights. 

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